Devin Driscoll – Owner / Founder / President

devin-picBA, NSCA, SCS, CPT, Virtus Certified

Devin Driscoll is a strength, speed, & conditioning coach, personal trainer, and coach. Devin founded and owns Next Level Training, LLC, which is located off Lovell Road in Knoxville, Tennessee. Next Level focuses on strength & conditioning, performance enhancement, personal training & physical therapy. [Read more...]

Danyel Young – Business Manager

danyel-picDanyel is responsible for all day to day operations at Next Level. Danyel handles all marketing, invoicing, bill collections, and all other day to day activities. [Read more...]

Matt Norman

mattnormanMatt graduated high school from the Camden Military Academy in 2005 and played football from the age of 7 until graduating from High School.He competed in Mixed Martial Arts from age 17-19; and at age 19 began boxing for Golden Gloves in Knoxville and Lafollette. [Read more...]

Lones Green – Head Strength Coach

lonesLones is a Knoxville native and attended West High School. Lones is a competitive powerlifter in the 308 pound weight class. His best lifts to date in a SouSouthern Powerlifting sanctioned event meet are a 730 squat, 410 bench and 640 pound deadlift. He is currently training total elite in the 308 class, as well as break his own 2000 pound total. [Read more...]

Dunstan Kendrick – Head of Speed Training & D-Block Bootcamps / Quarterback Skills Training

Dunstan or “Coach D” has been training athletes and “normal joes” alike for over 12 years. Dunstan graduated from Western Carolina after being a four year started at wide receiver. Dunstan has a strong reputation in community for being a workhorse and getting the most out of each one of clients. [Read more...]

Brandon Reagan – Director of Next Level Soccer Academy

ericBrandon is a local punter and soccer standout. Brandon’s entire family has be involved with the kicking and soccer community for years in the area. Brandon played at Bearden High School than went onto kick at Bethel University. [Read more...]

James “Boo” Jackson

booBoo Jackson started his basketball journey at the young age of five where he won his first junior AAU basketball championship. After attending numerous camps and racking up numerous awards, Boo was offered over twenty Division 1 college scholarships. [Read more...]

Mick Larrabee – PT, MS, SCS, EMT, CSCS – Physical Therapy

mickMick combines his knowledge of the rehab sciences with the principles of strength & conditioning to create a program that not only maximizes athletic performance but minimizes the risk of injury. He is board certified as a clinical specialist in sports physical therapy and currently treats a variety of orthopedic patients in a 7,500 sq ft sports training facility (sharing space with Next Level Training). [Read more...]

Carlene Steenekamp

carleneCarlene Steenekamp is a mother of three and Figure competitor. As a three times pregnant, professional woman, Carlene understands the struggles that woman face after having children and the powerless feelings and frustration that results from watching your body change with each pregnancy.  [Read more...]

Eric Wright, BA, CPR, CSCS – Strength and Conditioning Coach

Eric is a CSCS certified trainer who currently works with athletes on their speed and strength. Eric’s background is in rugby, where he played for the University of Tennessee Rugby team, and graduated from in 2013. Eric is currently the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Carter High School. [Read more...]