Devin’s Weekly Report

Every week I am going to include a blog on a topic in performance enhancement that is currently a “hot topic”

In week one I am going to discuss the importance of testing an athlete.

At Next Level, since day one, we have prided ourselves on giving the most sport specific training in the area. This is something I believe in whole heartily. I think its the backbone on what makes Next Level the best at what we do. To be able to provide this type of service, we as the trainer, must know what deficiencies that our athlete has before we can train them. The only true way of knowing that is testing. Mick Larabee, who owns Optimal Performance, works in conjunction with us on this. Mick works out of Next Level and is by leaps and bounds the best physical therapist in the area. We are very lucky to be partnered with Mick on so many different ventures, and testing is one of them. Mick will test the athlete in a variety of ways, i.e. lateral and linear speed, vertical, strength, explosiveness, flexibility etc. From this testing results the athlete will get a composite score so he/she can see where they stack up against other athletes in the age demographic in their sport. Once we as the trainer see these results we than can formulate a workout regiment for these specific needs. After we train those deficiencies for an allotted amount of time, we retest. This cycle is imperative to track the progress of the athlete.

In today’s scope of college athletics performance enhancement training is becoming more of a necessity than an amenity. We understand this and aim to provide every client with our outmost best performance as a trainer/company. Unfortunately, there are companies/individuals that take advantage of this growing field and do not put the same passion and specific training to each athlete. This can give a black eye to our industry, which is unfortunate. At Next Level we cannot control others actions, all we can do is do good work/ A wise man once told me 90% percent of success is showing up. Here at Next Level we show up and we keep showing up. Our athletes are always are top priority and helping them get better one step/one rep at a time is our goal.


Til next week….