Mornings in Motion


Mornings in Motion is a before school fitness program that began at Willow Brook Elementary in Oak Ridge, TN in August of 2010.

In August of 2010 Devin created. designed and implemented a new concept entitled “Mornings in Motion” for Willow Brook.This program would introduce a more unique and dynamic program that focused on plyometrics, cardiovascular endurance, cross lateral movements, and dynamic stretching. This program was more unique and more advanced that still allowed for the success of all students. Due to the success of this program, “Mornings in Motion” can be seen in several school systems across the state of Tennessee, Washington, D.C. and Massachusetts (private and public).

***Willow Brook Elementary has decreased it’s childhood obesity/overweight rate by over 10% during this program.

This program has helped schools say goodbye to your ordinary Bus Hall and has up to 300 kids 2-5 time per week constantly moving for 30 minutes in a variety of ways including aerobics, plyometrics, and active stretching.

No matter what the child’s personal fitness level or athletic ability, every child is moving and every child is successful. No waiting in line or sitting in this program. This program is reshaping the students of the schools that this program is currently in.

The purpose is to add high quality and structured physical activity before the school day begins without taking away from valuable academic instructional time. The program also has increased attendance of students and has helped changed children’s mindset that be healthy can be fun!

We are also phasing in a new program called “Afternoons In Action” that will focus on the same concepts but will be specialized to individual and group setting on location or at Next Level Training. The purpose is to keep children active and make staying healthy fun.


  • National Healthy Living Innovation Award from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • P.E. Central Best Practice Award; Tennessee Ambassador of Goodwill
  • Rural Health Association of Tennessee Special Exemplary Project Award
  • Lexus Leadership Award from WIVK



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There are numerous other options/packages of ways that Mornings in Motion can be brought to your school or school district. For more information please contact Danyel Young at information below:

Danyel Young
Business Manager
Next Level Training LLC.