Todd Kelly Jr.- Webb School of Knoxville- Class of 2014- Running Back/Safety/Wide Receiver- 6’1 200 lbs.
“TK will be one of the highest ranked talents to come out of East Tennessee in a long time. TK is a great player, great athlete and great person.” – Devin Driscoll

Jake Morgenstern- CAK- Class of 2014- WR- 6″ 185 lbs.
“Jake has incredible arm strength. He also has been working on his speed and agility with some of the best athletes in the southeast which has increased all aspects of his game. He will be a great system quarterback for anyone that is lucky enough to have him.”- Devin Driscoll

Josh Bickerstaff- Bearden High School- Class of 2014- LG/C- 6’3″ 265 lbs.
“Josh has great lateral and linear speed for a big guy. He moves very well and has all the tools necessary to be a strong collegiate linemen. Also, a great teammate and great person.”- Devin Driscoll

Dustin Nickle- Webb School of Knoxville- Class of 2015- G/Long Snapper- 6’1″ 260 lbs.
“Dustin is one of the hardest working players to ever walk into NL. He is very strong for his age, especially in his posterior chain. He also has great footwork and speed. Dustin has ranked very high in numerous camps throughout the southeast for long snapping.”- Devin Driscoll

Kyron Inman- Rockwood High School- Class of 2015- RB- 5’7 170

” Kyron has unbelievable breakaway speed, footwork, size, and work ethic. Kyron Inman is a name you will definitely be hearing on Saturday’s. I look forward to continuing to see his development. One of my favorite people to ever walk through our doors.”- Devin Driscoll

Alan Shattuck- West High School- Class of 2012- DL- 6’2″ 215 lbs.
“Alan is extremely quick, explosive and powerful. He has a great upside. Alan also has numerous academic achievements. ” – Devin Driscoll

Andrew Saah- Farragut High School- Class of 2014- OL 6’6″ 300 lbs.
” Andrew has great size and strength. He moves very laterally. With a solid staff of coaches his development of a player could be unbelievable. The sky is limit with his size.”

Evan Nelson- Knoxville Catholic High School- Class of 2014- OL/DL 6’2″ 250 lbs.

“Evan has great work ethic and drive. He is so passionate about the game and will do whatever it takes to take his game to the Next Level. He has worked with University of Tennessee’s Kyler Kerbyson and Naval Academy’s Joey Gaston day in and day out and knows what it takes to be the best at his position. He will be a force.”- Devin Driscoll

Tyler Stokes- Fulton High School- Class of 2014- OL/DL- 6’2 210 lbs

“Tyler has great feet, is incredibly quick, and moves very well in both directions. He combines this with great work ethic and desire …this young man will not be denied!”- Devin Driscoll

Dj Campbell- Fulton High School- Class of 2015- OL/DL 6’1- 240 lbs.

” DJ has potential to be very special. He has great feet and incredibly fast laterally for a player his size. With a few years of weight training and the increase the speed his getting in his training, he will a top prospect for 2015.”- Devin Driscoll

Devin Smith- Grace Christian High School- Class of 2014- QB- 6’2 185 lbs.

“Devin has a great arm along with a great work ethic. He has desire and passion for the game and is one of the top recriuts in the state. With time could be an outstanding QB in any D-1 conference. “- Devin Driscoll

Dominque Williams- Fulton High School- Class of 2015- WR/DB/S- 5’10 165 lbs.

“Dom is one of a kind. He is speacial. He will be one of the top players in the class bar none. Dom possess speed, agility, an eye for the ball, and has a great attitude. “- Devin Driscoll

Isiah McDaniel- Bearden High School- Class of 2014- DB- 5’10- 185 lbs.

“Isiah is incredibly fast. He can cover anyone on the field. He is extremely passionate about the game and very coachable. He is a legit 4.4 guy.” – Devin Driscoll

Griffin Dishner- Knoxville Catholic High School- Class of 2016- WR/RB/ATH- 5’10 165 lbs

“Griff is young and raw. He will be a big time prospect and will be able to play at the Next Level.”- Devin Driscoll

Logan Lacey- Knoxville Catholic High School- Class of 2015- LB/QB- 6’0 200 lbs

“Logan is an incredible athlete that can do a ton of different things well. He will be a very strong LB for any team. Great attitude and work ethic as well.”- Devin Driscoll

Demarcus Inman

Bryan Phillips

Eli Brown

Josh Walls

Matthew Melton

Chris Stephens

Gerad Young

Hank Black

Coby Campbell

Connor Amburn

Cooper Edenfeld

Akeem Cooperwood

Josh Silvey

Jalen Henderson