DEVIN DRISCOLL – Owner/Founder/President
BA, NSCA, SCS, CPT, Virtus Certified

Devin Driscoll is a strength, speed, & conditioning coach, personal trainer, and coach. Devin founded and owns Next Level Training, LLC, which is located off Lovell Road in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He has hosted his own television segment for a local CBS affiliate, been involved and highlighted in various television programs, has sat on multiple boards and panels regarding health and wellness, and has been the focus of numerous newspaper articles.

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Danyel is responsible for all day to day operations at Next Level. Danyel handles all marketing, invoicing, bill collections, and all other day to day activities.

Danyel also helps all of Next Level athletes with all standards that are required of the athletes to be eligible to continue their sport at a higher level.

Danyel has a passion for Knoxville’s athletes and has a hand in everything that is associated with Next Level.

James “Boo” Jackson
Position: Forward
Height: 6ft 8in
High School: Perry Traditional Academy
Hometown: Pittsburgh Pa
College: Eastern Michigan University

Boo Jackson started his basketball journey at the young age of five where he won his first junior AAU basketball championship. After attending numerous camps and racking up numerous awards, Boo was offered over twenty Division 1 college scholarships.

Boo wasn’t just a great basketball player he carried a 3.6 GPA and was a scholar athlete. After graduating with two degrees in business and film from Eastern Michigan University, Boo pursued his childhood dream of playing profession basketball. He played for the LA Clippers, LA Lakers, and Wizards. He then took his career out the country playing for Germany, Venezuela, China, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Mexico, Norway, Italy, Canada and Amsterdam.

Boo is now offering individual and team training at Next Level Training, LLC.

Carlene Steenekamp is a mother of three and Figure competitor. As a three times pregnant, professional woman, Carlene understands the struggles that woman face after having children and the powerless feelings and frustration that results from watching your body change with each pregnancy. Carlene transformed her body into contest shape in a year and then left her professional career to pursue training Individual clients that were determined to make a life change. She saw she could really make a positive difference in women’s lives.

Fitness and wellness coaching is an ongoing process. It is not a one visit fix. Because of that, Carlene is selective about the clients she accepts into her coaching program. She admits that the client is responsible for achieving the results, and that it takes an enormous amount of discipline and determination. But Carlene’s techniques soften the blow by making the program about a lifestyle and not a “diet”. The workouts can be fun and you don’t have to be confined to a gym or a treadmill.

Carlene’s experience and practical application have earned her 1st place and Overall titles on several figure stages, as well as her Professional Status as a Figure Competitor.

ERIC WRIGHT- Strength and Conditioning Coach/CSCS
Eric is a CSCS certified trainer who currently works with athletes on their speed and strength. Eric’s background is in rugby, where he played for the University of Tennessee Rugby team, and graduated from in 2013. Eric is currently the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Carter High School. Eric also works with numerous athletes in the area and also provides some personal training options.
Matt graduated high school from the Camden Military Academy in 2005 and played football from the age of 7 until graduating from High School.He competed in Mixed Martial Arts from age 17-19; and at age 19 began boxing for Golden Gloves in Knoxville and Lafollette. He sparred and trained with many professional boxersHe has been a personal trainer for several years.

Matt currently trains numerous athletes in the area especially in speed and agility and conditioning.

Matt also offers numerous bootcamps for females in boxing and conditioning.  He has a true passion for helping all his clients reach their peak physical shape.

LONES GREEN- Head Strength Coach
Lones is a Knoxville native and attended West High School. Lones is a competitive powerlifter in the 308 pound weight class. His best lifts to date in a SouSouthern Powerlifting sanctioned event meet are a 730 squat, 410 bench and 640 pound deadlift. He is currently training total elite in the 308 class, as well as break his own 2000 pound total. Lones is our Head Strength Coach at Next Level, and is currently working with clients that range from state level ranked athletes to average joes looking to increase strength. The end goal is always the same: constant improvement, hard work, and mental strength to succeed at any goal in sight.
Derelle is a Knoxville native and is originally from the Alcoa area. Derelle trains young basketball players in all aspects of their fundamental skills for basketball. He also incorporate basketball specific speed and agility. Derelle played at Alcoa High School where he was All-State his Junior and Senior year. He received a full basketball scholarship to Roane State and finished his career at King College. Derelle received a BA in Sports Management from King College. Derelle has coached at King College, Hiawasse, and Episcopal School of Knoxville. Derelle also coach’s two teams for TN Team Hustle.
Todd is a former University of Tennessee standout who went on to continue his career for the San Fransico 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons. Todd is widely known as one of the top football minds in the country. Todd works with the Next Level lineman on their skill development, as well as, assists on nuemrous comibines and camps held at Next Level. Todd also coach’s the Tennessee Future Stars 7th and 8th grade teams.
Todd offers one on one and group classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday morning by appointment.

Benji Goff has experience in coaching/playing/training in high level high school/college/international rugby and football. His focus is on building strength, speed and agility but being able to maintain these attributes long periods of time. While all sports might not require this kind of fitness the Idea is the same. So depending on what you are looking to get out of a training session or what sport you play, we can adjust the session in accordance to your preferences or needs.Mr. Goff is highly experienced in playing at a high level. He played Rugby at UTRFC where he was the four time south team captain, four time All SEC, a two time ALL American, and attended the International Men’s USA 7’s Camp.He is currently attending the University of Tennessee.

JOELLE GODFREY- Head of Boxing Training
Joelle is one of the highest ranked 195 lb. boxers in the world. Joelle has competed domestically and internationally and has compiled one of the top winning percentages in his weight class. He was on the fourth season of the show “The Contender” on ESPN.

Joelle now offers numerous boxing training options including  classes in boxing technique, agility and conditioning classes and one on one personal coaching.

BRANDON REAGAN- Speed and Agility Trainer

Brandon is a local punter and soccer standout. Brandon’s entire family has be involved with the kicking and soccer community for years in the area. Brandon played at Bearden High School than went onto kick at Bethel University. Brandon currently works with all of our soccer programs, as well as kickers/punters, in the area.

Brandon played goalie for a state championship in 2002 and was 2007 All region Kicker and All KFL 1st Team. Brandon was also 2008 All Region and All KIL Punter and Kicker.

Daryl Miller- Football Seed and agility trainer /Personal Trainer

Daryl is former Oak Ridge and Austin Peay wide receiver. Daryl currently works with numerous young football players in our football academy, as well as, helps coach the Next Level 7v7 team. Daryl’s passion is working with young wide receivers on their development on and off the field.

Daryl also offers numerous one on one personal training options and bootcamps. Daryl is know for his ability to help his clients reach and maintain their goals in a setting that is very comfortable and in a very relaxed setting for his clients.



Trae oversees Next Level’s AAU Boys Basketball program TN Team Hustle. Hustle originated over 6 years ago by Habibi Andre and than was bought by Devin Driscoll. Hustle is widely regarded as the top boys basketball program in the area.

Trae oversees tournaments, player development, and coach’s for the program. For more information on TN Team Hustle please visit


Lee is a current University of Tennessee Rugby player. Lee works with his clients on strength, conditioning, agility and speed training. He graduated from Hillsboro High School in Nashville, TN. He was a highly decorated amateur wrestler at the 152 class.  He also played football and soccer at Hillsboro.

Lee also offers personal training and team training at Next Level and on location.