Devin Driscoll – Owner/Founder/President

BA, NSCA, SCS, CPT, Virtus Certified

Devin Driscoll is a strength, speed, & conditioning coach, personal trainer, and coach. Devin founded and owns Next Level Training, LLC, which is located off Lovell Road in Knoxville, Tennessee. Next Level focuses on strength & conditioning, performance enhancement, personal training & physical therapy. He has hosted his own television segment for a local CBS affiliate, been involved and highlighted in various television programs, has sat on multiple boards and panels regarding health and wellness, and has been the focus of numerous newspaper articles. Devin has reached the state championship as a coach for Sacred Heart Cathedral School and was the head coach of the champion team, Team Adidas, in the inaugural Rocky Top Woman’s League. In addition, he currently coaches in the High School Rocky Top League. Devin has worked with many professional athletes ranging from the NFL, NBA, WNBA, UFC, Strikforce, PGA and other minor league promotions.

Devin has trained thousand’s of high school athletes in the East Tennessee area. He is the head of Strength and Conditioning for Adidas Team Hustle AAU group, East Tennessee Prep Hoops, Men’s and Woman’s Rocky Top League’s,’s head of combine training, Woman’s Basketball Hall of Fame basketball camps and other numerous camps.

For his training accomplishments, he was up for the 2008 PFP Trainer of the Year. Devin has also managed Kamp Kiawah’s kid camp 1998-2001 and founded the “FitKid” program at Next Level. He is currently in charge of fitness for numerous Oak Ridge elementary schools, Mornings In Motion, which is a government founded program.

Devin earned his bachelor of arts from Fordham University in the Bronx, NY. He is a certified personal trainer, sports and conditioning specialist, speed and agility coach, NCAA certified coach, he is Virtus certified, and a kid’s athletic fitness trainer.