Welcome to the new H3 Next Level!
Come see us at 200 Center Park Drive, Knoxville, TN 37922.

H3 Sports is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Next Level Training. Adding Next Level to its arsenal of sports academies, clubs and facilities gives H3 yet another avenue for athletes to train, compete and achieve.

Devin Driscoll created Next Level in the winter of 2007. From training athletes on open courts, fields and parking lots, NL eventually grew to its Outlet Drive location in January 2008. NL has trained thousands of athletes ranging from middle school through the pros.

Now open, next door to H3’s Diamond Baseball Academy, Next Level houses top performance enhancement equipment, is heated and cooled and is wired for athletes! All new racks, lever edge equipment, over 3,000 pounds in bumper plates, new speed and agility equipment, new dynamic functional training equipment and top of the line testing tools for athletes will be rounded out with top of the line recovery area so that athletes have everything they need to train, recover and perform.

NL offers many programs, including team training, speed and strength classes, sport-specific training for high school and college athletes, offseason pro performance training, and corporate wellness programs. NL also works on-site at local high schools for team training.

Commitment to providing professional quality facilities, paired with skilled instruction and training, is the focus of H3 Sports. The H3 family includes Avalon Golf & Country Club, Diamond Baseball-Simcox Academy, Johnny Long’s Training Academy, Knoxville Basketball Academy, Knoxville Football Academy, Knoxville Soccer Academy and TN Gridiron Scouting, powered by H3.